Wanna Export
cosmetics to Japan?

You may be wondering…

How do we register our products in Japan?

What licenses are required to launch in Japan?

Is our formula compliant with the laws in Japan?

Where do we start to export our products?

All foreign companies selling their products in Japan are required to assign a Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) licensee to import, inspect their products and manage the registrations with government agencies in Japan.
We as a MAH will manage all administrative side of the export in just “one-stop,”
so that you can focus on preparing marketing and sales promotions in Japan!

Our Services

Safety &
Compliance Check




Leave all these complicated procedures such as compliance checks and government registrations to us!
We will have your products properly inspected and delivered to your distributors in all “ready for sale” conditions.

Export / Import Flow

Consultation of Export Products
Email us your inquiry with an ingredient list, unit price, quantity and a targeted export schedule/time line for a product launch in Japan.
Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement
All proprietary information will be protected and properly stored as per a non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties.
Overall Review & Research of Products
We perform research on the package/label information as well as the list of ingredients to determine whether your products are saleable in Japan.
Ingredient Analysis
We send in your product samples to the designated labs for ingredient analysis to ensure your products comply with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan.
Product Registration
We as a Manufacturing Authorization Holder properly register your products with government agencies.
Customs Clearance
Our designated customs brokers clear customs and ship your products to the warehouse for inspection.
Creating Labels
We help create label data and labels in Japanese, for the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law requires all products sold in Japan to be labeled in Japanese.
Processing and Inspection Work
Our reliable manufacturing partners provide proper and prompt inspection and labeling. The products are kept in the quality controlled storage until shipping.
Delivery of Products
After confirming product release reports, your products are delivered to the locations specified by you or your distributor in Japan.


Leave it to us and get your products properly market-ready, fast!
For more info/estimate, please contact us.

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Company Name Vintage Japan Co., Ltd
Head Office Address 1-15-30-503, Daimyo, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0041, Japan
TEL +81-92-714-6890
FAX +81-92-714-6891
Email info@vintage-j.net
OUR SERVICES Cosmetics Export/Import Agency
President & CEO Hidemoto Tokunaga
Established July 2008
License Number Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics (Fukuoka) 40C0X10111
Marketing Authorization Holders of quasi drugs (Fukuoka) 40D0X10033