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Our mission

Providing safety and confidence cosmetics and perfumes under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Representative greeting

Rather than fighting alone, it is a world of union.

We are outsourcing company, performing complicated customs procedures, notifying to the administrative agency, inspecting products on behalf of clients about importing the overseas cosmetics and perfumes.

In addition, we make use of the connection in companies and accept the introduction to partner company aiming at appropriate market expansion.

We will continue to move forward as a company to respond to any consultation and requests regarding import agent for cosmetics.

President and CEO Hidemoto Tokunaga

Company Profile

Company name Vintage Japan Co., Ltd.
Established July 2008
President & CEO Hidemoto Tokunaga
Address Tenzinmi-zu Bld.503 1-15-30,
Daimyo, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka,
810-0041, Japan
TEL +81-92-714-6890
FAX +81-92-714-6890-1
Business activity Provides cosmetics import agency service and consulting.
Liberalization of imports, cosmetics business support which harnessed the strong-yen benefits.
License Number Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics (Fukuoka) 40C0X10111
Marketing Authorization Holders of quasi drugs (Fukuoka) 40D0X10033

Access Map

Nearest station : 5 minutes on foot from Kuko Line, Fukuoka City Subway managed by Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau, Tenjin Station.