Cosmetics Import Agency Service

If you would like to sell imported overseas cosmetics brands, you have to go through many complicated procedures as shown below.

We can provide safety and confidence cosmetics smoothly by acting for the procedures from import to available for sale state.

Flow of Cosmetics Import Agency Procedures


Consultation of Import Products

We accept consultation about your desired overseas cosmetics brands, their suppliers and import procedure. We can introduce many overseas cosmetics brands.


Prior Confirmation of Products

Cosmetics product information such as manufacturer, product specification, component information,etc are required. We check the list of ingredients of cosmetics whether it is permitted to import under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.


Component Analysis

By analyzing the components of cosmetics, we make sure that it is in compliance with Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Business partner for component analysis:BLOOM Co., Ltd., which is Testing and Inspection Facilities designated by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Notification to the Administrative Agency

We follow the necessary procedures for the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law as below.

Manufacture and Sales of Cosmetics Notification Prefecture Pharmaceutical Administration (Fukuoka)
Cosmetics Import Notification for Manufacture and Sales Kinki Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare (Osaka)
Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics (overseas manufacturing) Notification Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Japan (Tokyo)

Import Clearance

The import clearance by ship and air transport, we will implement in our designated customs broker.


Creating Labels

If you would like to sell overseas cosmetics in Japan, you have to put labels in Japanese. It is necessary to create the label under the indication rule of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.


Processing and Inspection Work

In the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics is obliged to pack, create labels and keep products during import clearance to marketing. Since we have tied up with the reliable cosmetics manufacturer, it is possible to carry out inspection processing for products with quickly and correctly.


Delivery of Products

After finishing processing work, we make sure that quality control to shipment has been carried out certainly, and then judges shipment. Products are delivered at the place specified by customers. In addition, the document of products which customer entrusted to us are recorded and stored as the Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics.