Safety and Confidence Cosmetics

Cosmetics are strictly regulated under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law so that they must be safe for use by consumers. To be specific, it is clarification of the responsibility system, quality control, the safety management of the cosmetics sale, the prevention of the health problems by prohibition and the limit of the cosmetics ingredient, providing correct information to the consumers by the rule of advertisement contents and labeling, etc. Now, we explain some key items of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics

In order to sell cosmetics in Japan regardless of a domestic or overseas country, it is required that we have to apply for license of Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics to each prefectures. Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics ensures the safety of the cosmetics by defining and performing the concrete procedure for the contents demanded by GQP(Good Quality Practice) and GVP(Good Vigilance Practice). In other words, importing and distributing cosmetics are permitted in exchange for the market responsibility for the quality of cosmetics or safety being imposed.

Besides, although the character "manufacture" is used for Japanese license name, it is not performing an industrial production in this license. Our company have obtained a license, which is Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics of Fukuoka.

Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics(Fukuoka) License Number:40C0X10111

Limitation on Cosmetics Ingredients

In the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, there is provision that "Ingredients of cosmetics, including any impurities contained therein, shall not contain anything that may cause infection or that otherwise makes the use of the cosmetics a potential health hazard. Standards in cosmetics, ingredients of cosmetics which is no incorporated or incorporated amount is restricted, are defined respectively as the positive or negative list.

And, even if not added as a component during manufacture, it is considered possible that unintentionally incorporated. Therefore, it could be more reliable by carrying out analysis check before sale.

In addition, the Marketing Authorization Holders of Cosmetics confirms that their cosmetics are safe for the ingredient except the list of cosmetics standards by always collecting information such as research reports and other information about the safety.

Our business tie-up partner Bloom Co., Ltd. has many years of experience as a Testing and Inspection Facilities. And they have also latest ingredient information as an active member of The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC).

Representation of Labels

Overseas cosmetics have to be labeled in the Japanese language. In addition, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law specifies labeling items on the containers or packaging of cosmetics.

All ingredient names shall be listed in the labeling in accordance with the provisions of the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, and must normally be listed in descending order by quantity.

Representation of Cosmetics Effect-Efficacy

About the sales advertising of cosmetics, the scope of effect of cosmetics is finely decided as an expressional scope. Extravagant expression of effects, such as "skin whitening" or "stains will disappear", are approved as quasi‐drugs. In cosmetics, expressions such as "pamper skin" or "moisturize your skin" are permitted. Please be careful not to use extravagant effect expression.